If You Love Sushimaking, You Should Know These Health Benefits Of Sushi

If You Love Sushimaking, You Should Know These Health Benefits Of Sushi

In sushi, the significantly high content of EPA and DHA fatty acids is said to contribute to the traditional Japanese diet which is believed to prolong life. Nigiri Sushi and sashimi with added vegetable salad are recommended menus because of their excellent fiber and micronutrient content. Low-mercury choices of fish such as salmon and mackerel are also considered the healthiest ingredients for sushimaking. But when eating sushi, try to reduce or avoid soy sauce, which is a high-salt soy sauce and choose additional flavorings like wasabi or pickled ginger (gari).

Due to its good fiber, micronutrient, and vitamins, and minerals content, sushi can provide health benefits including:

Improves Intestinal Health

A major contributor to Japanese health comes from healthy gut microbiota. This was created by a diet consisting mostly of fermented dishes such as bok choy, seaweed, mushrooms, kimchi, natto, and tofu.

Strengthens the Immune System

Researchers have also shown that wasabi, which provides a unique nutty flavor and disinfects raw fish, has been shown to provide significant health benefits and help strengthen the immune system. Wasabi contains beta carotene, glucosinolates, and isothiocyanates which have antibacterial properties and help mitigate microbial or pathogenic elements. Wasabi is also known to kill bacteria such as E. coli and staphylococcus.

Improve Heart Health

Salmon and mackerel are excellent sources of protein coupled with the omega 3 fatty acid DHA which can reduce the risk of coronary heart disease. Experts report that this finding is still very limited in evidence but has good credibility. DHA has also been shown to be found in fish oil and can reduce high blood pressure and reduce the risk of hypertension, which are 2 of the most common causes of coronary heart disease.

Helping the Body’s Natural Detoxification Process

The seaweed or nori used in making sushi can prove to be very nutritious. Nori even contains 10 times more vitamins than spinach. Apart from vitamins, nori contains 30 to 50% protein and 0.1% sugar. All types of seaweed are also known to contain high iodine and can help the body’s natural detox process.

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