How to Use Auto Clicker on Phone

How to Use Auto Clicker on Phone

Of the many auto clickers, how to use them will not be much different. But for those who are still confused, here are the steps on how to use the free auto clicker application that you can do:

Download first and then install the “Auto Click” application. Choose the Auto Clicker application that suits your needs.
Open the Auto Clicker application that has been downloaded and installed on your cellphone, then you can choose the target mode that you will use later.
If you only want to click one point or button simultaneously, select single target mode. However, if you want to click and scroll automatically, choose multi-target mode.
Enter the settings in the mode you have chosen, and then you can set the desired settings first.
Press the “Activate” button in the desired mode. If you choose single target mode, you can first align the blue circle with the button you want to press, then press the “Play” button.
If you choose multi-target mode, then you can select the “Activate” button, then click the “+” button to add the point you want to click. If you want to add more click points, please click the + button again. Then you can click the play button.
To stop the auto clicker you can press the pause button.
Maybe that’s all the discussion about how to use the auto clicker on a cellphone for use in various applications. Just additional information that this auto clicker application can be used on Snack Video, Cashzine, and Indriver applications.

So with an auto clicker, all work related to taps can be automatically resolved. Especially for those of you who like to play games, this application is very suitable. Well, for those who want to use the auto clicker on your PC, you can too. But you have to look for an autoclicker application that matches the specifications of the PC you are using.

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