How To Make Custom T-shirt Design

How To Make Custom T-shirt Design

In terms of making cool shirt designs for yourself, it is certainly are not an easy matter. Especially if they are not proficient at using editor software, and must start from scratch without any tools. Fortunately, that does not apply in the t-shirt maker because you could use the shirt creator and you can still design your cool version of the shirt with the help of the team. What makes a t-shirt design interesting? Designing shirts for both beginners or others is very difficult. Moreover, talking about heterogeneous design tastes. Some like simple pictures, some like the pictures on his t-shirts are crowded. Now, instead of dwelling on speculation, there are some interesting tips on how to design t-shirts for beginners.

First, know the color of the shirt, before starting the picture. First thing first, knowing the color of the shirt is the basic thing you have to do. Because with this style, believe me, one day you will easily apply the design to the shirt. If the shirt you choose is black, of course, the color of the design that comes to your mind is white. Conversely, if the color of the shirt is white, the color of the design chosen is black. Thoughts like that are already rooted in your minds. So, you will be easier to continue to the next stage.

Thinking about the layout of the design on the shirt. If you already know the color of the shirt and get a shadow of the color of the design, now just think about the location of the design. Will it be placed right in the middle? Or other areas are more appropriate. Start to imagine about your design. This step can be said to be very easy if you already have the right picture of the design that you will create. Start the imagination you have to enjoy the time, look for design concepts (can by searching on the internet), start sketching, traveling, and making some variations. Thus, if the time is right then your design idea imagination will come soon.

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