How To Maintain Wood Siding

How To Maintain Wood Siding

Because it functions as a protective element in a house, no doubt cladding or siding needs to get the right care so that it can last a long time. You also need to use siding installation near me service for the installation. Exposure to sunlight and changing weather is one of the factors that can slowly erode the quality of the siding. For those of you who choose wood siding, you automatically need to provide extra care to maintain the surface, especially to protect the wood siding from getting mouldy, mossy, or infested by termites.

However, in determining the right treatment, this automatically needs to be related to the type of wood used in the siding. If the type of wood used tends to be not too thick and has fine fibres, semi-transparent dyes are suitable. However, if the wood board used for siding is rough-grained wood, it is better to choose a paint coating with a solid colour. For how to apply it, you can use the manual painting method with a brush, or by spraying it using a paintbrush.

In addition to using a special coating paint to protect the wood siding, you can also choose Water-Repellent Preservative, or you can also use ordinary wood paint. However, the results may not be as good as when using a special coating paint for siding. To give you a clear idea of the types of materials to treat and protect siding, the following shows the types of siding protection materials, especially for siding made of wood. Semi-transparent coating agent usually tends to look shiny and oily when applied to wood siding.

But you don’t need to worry because this coating is the best choice for those of you who have wood siding with smooth fibres and surfaces, especially for Cedarwood siding. By using this semi-transparent dye or coating agent, you can get 2 advantages at once. In addition to functioning as protection, this semi-transparent coating allows a greater variety of natural wood colour variations on your siding, so that the siding looks more natural and still shiny.

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