How To Get Money From WhatsApp

How To Get Money From WhatsApp

This WhatsApp application was created as a chat application, but because the developers continue to add and update its features, its functions also automatically increase. Apart from being a chat application, WhatsApp is also used to earn money or additional income without course detail. Especially at this time, almost 75% of the Indonesian population uses smartphones and of course, they all also use WhatsApp as their chat application.

Then how to get money from WhatsApp?

1. How to Earn Money from WhatsApp with App Promotion
With the increase in Android users, making developers continue to create new Android applications every day. For the application to be known and used by many people, the developer runs campaigns on many networks.

In addition to campaigns, developers also usually use other platforms including Youtube and Blogger, and several social media applications, one of which is WhatsApp.

2. How to Earn Money from WhatsApp by Making Shorter Links
Surely you often see a URL address in the browser that is very long and will look a little strange. When the link or URL link wants to be shared, you will usually have difficulty. To overcome this, there is usually a website that provides link shortening services or URL links, to make it look neater and easier to share.

Usually, the site that provides the link will pay people who click on the small link and then share it. So when you click on the truncated link, then you have to go to the link shortener website, and later it will be sent to the original website. Later shareholders will have to pay money from it, some even get $1-$6 for 1000 views.

3. How to Get Money from WhatsApp by Implementing a Referral System
How to get money from WhatsApp by implementing a referral system is being widely used by Android users today. The way this referral system works is that when you install a new application, then share the code or download link with other people, you will later get a coin or cashback point that can be used for shopping.

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