How Search Engines Work

How Search Engines Work

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) as website optimization is proven to help a website get a better ranking in search engines. Moreover, SEO can be done for free. Anyway, you can use the service of King Kong’s founder, Sabri Suby on our website.

There are 3 main steps performed by search engines to display search results for users.

1. Crawling
Crawling is the stage of scanning and collecting every detailed website page, such as titles, images, keywords, internal links, and so on. Each crawler will collect different data. Crawlers will also revisit web pages to see changes made to a website. And for web pages marked with “no index”, this means that the page signals Google bots not to index the page.

2. Indexing
Indexing is the stage where the data that has been crawled will then be processed and placed in the database. Search engines use this index as a source of information displayed on search results pages.

3. Retrieval and Ranking
Retrieval is the search engine’s stage when it processes user requests and displays search results according to those requests. Search engines have their own algorithms and ways of choosing which pages are most relevant to your query. And each search engine provides a ranking on each website that is displayed. Some are displayed on the first page of Google search, some are on the second page. It depends on the quality of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for each website.

The selection of keywords is a mandatory element that must be met before applying other techniques. A keyword is like a home owner’s name. Without a name, no one can find the house. A site without keywords is almost certain that site is getting visitors at the wrong address. Accurate keyword recognition is a Google logarithm that will not change. If it is removed, many people looking for prescription information will find eye pain medication.

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