How Healthy Is Whipping Cream In Food?

How Healthy Is Whipping Cream In Food?

Cake decorating is the most enjoyable part of the cake making process. The most commonly used ingredient to beautify cakes is whipping cream or more commonly known as whipped cream. Often considered healthier than buttercream, whipping cream is considered safer for consumption. So, is it true that whipping cream is healthier? How much fat or calories are in this whipped cream? Before that, you can get the best whipped cream dispenser on nangs delivery Melbourne.

Whipped cream is better than buttercream in terms of fat content. However, in 100 grams of whipped cream contains 257 calories with a total fat of 22 grams. Saturated fat alone accounts for 14 grams of total fat in whipped cream. This figure exceeds the daily intake of saturated fat recommended by the American Heart Association, which is 13 grams per day.

As reported by Live Strong, one tablespoon of this cream contains 52 calories, 5.5 grams of total fat with a saturated fat content of 3.4 grams. When decorating cakes, how many scoops of cream do you use? Must be more than three or four spoons right? Imagine how much fat is eaten when this cake is cut into pieces and served. Eating foods that contain too much saturated fat can increase bad cholesterol in the blood which can cause heart disease and stroke.

Replace your whipped cream with healthier cream. Don’t be afraid your cake won’t be as pretty as other cakes, you can still decorate your cake in a healthier way even if you don’t use whipped cream. How to? Cream your cake with a mixture of skim milk and ice cubes to taste in a blender. The crystals in the ice can make the skim milk texture denser. Add vanilla or other flavors in moderation to give your healthy cream a more delicious taste.

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