How Audio And Visual Systems Help Presentation

How Audio And Visual Systems Help Presentation

Presentation is an activity that is always carried out in all fields of work today. Usually, presentations are made at regular meetings, work meetings, or team and committee meetings. Presentation materials submitted include work proposals or the results of the work. In addition to the quality of the material and skills for presentation, there is another aspect that is no less important in the presentation, namely the presentation media both visually and audio. That is why it is important to get the best audio video solutions corporation to create a room that will provide whatever audio and visual system your presentation needs.

Presentation media includes software (software) and presentation tools. In choosing the presentation media also need to be considered properly. Because if not then the material will not be conveyed properly to the audience. Here are some examples of visual presentation media that are often used:

1. LCD TV / Monitor

Advantages: The price is relatively cheap, easy to operate, does not take up much space, there are several sizes according to needs, the color contrast level is relatively good (depending on the type and specifications of the LCD TV), equipped with audio.
Disadvantages: Cannot be used for large rooms (auditorium, seminar room, etc.)

2. Projectors
Is a tool that is often used for media presentations, because it can display images that become larger. To connect a laptop or PC, you can use a USB.

a. Normal projector
Advantages: flexible, can be used anywhere, relatively cheap price
Disadvantages: resets when used in different places, heats up fast, low color contrast

b. Short Throw
Advantages: the resulting image is quite sharp because the shooting range is quite short, does not require a lot of space, flexible
Disadvantages: can not be used in a large space, and the price is relatively expensive.

c. Rear Projection
Advantages: wide enough range, sharp images produced
Disadvantages: front light affects image quality, and price and maintenance are quite expensive.

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