Here’s How To Grow Bermuda Grass That You Often See On Goulf Courses

Here’s How To Grow Bermuda Grass That You Often See On Goulf Courses

How to Plant Golf Grass / Bermuda Grass | From the name Rumput Golf, it is clear that you are immediately drawn to the grass that is planted for the golf course. How beautiful and green it is in the vast fields of grass that almost resembles a green carpet. Feel free to plant Bermuda grass if you have an inspiration about making a mini-golf course or making a garden at home to use this grass. Why not? However, you must read before you choose this grass.

Here I briefly want to give an overview of this type of golf grass which hopefully can inspire you more to use golf grass as a choice of garden grass that you use in your home.

Golf grass has a scientific language which is usually called Cynodon dactylon into the type of Zoysia grass, but many people also call this grass Bermuda grass.

This type of golf grass is almost similar to Swiss grass or Japanese grass, but for this type of golf grass, the dark green color is more dominant than Japanese grass and Swiss grass.

How to grow Golf Grass/Bermuda Grass

Before you choose this golf grass to be planted in your place, it’s a good idea to know what things to pay attention to in planting this golf grass so that when you want to plant this grass, all supporting things are noticed.

The first thing to consider is the condition of the land. Land conditions are very influential for the growth of golf grass, meaning that sunlight must be present to make this grass grow well. Therefore, for humid areas such as the back of the house or indoor areas, try not to use this type of grass.

The second is to make a good drainage system in the planting area because this type of golf grass rots quickly if it is in a puddle. The function of drainage or absorption can be made with various systems. Usually the function of fibers, porous pipes and pumice is the tool used for the absorption system.

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