Here Are Some Cool Carpet Designs For Small Rooms

Here Are Some Cool Carpet Designs For Small Rooms

Carpets are often installed to liven up the impression of warmth in a room. Even so, it is not uncommon for people to install carpets with the pure purpose of sweetening their interior spaces the hills carpet cleaning. Then what if you want to sweeten at the same time create a warm impression but your room is relatively narrow and limited? Take it easy, you are not alone! Now, for the dirty carpet business, trust our team, Carpet Cleaning The Hills!

Then, what are the carpet designs that are suitable for your home?

– Buy a carpet with large motifs/patterns to create a spacious impression of the room

If you want to experiment with patterned carpets if possible choose a large pattern. Carpets with motifs that are too detailed and small will usually make the room feel more full and narrow. But do not also limit yourself to be creative just because of this assumption, yes. Because everything will again depend on the furniture you choose and other supporting factors in the room, such as windows, curtains, or mirrors.

– Choose the ideal carpet size for each room
To determine the ideal size of the rug, determine it based on the placement of furniture – not the size of the room. Yes, there is no specific standard for determining the ideal size of a carpet because it all depends on how you place furniture in the room. Another thing that can be used as a benchmark is to estimate the number of tiles that should not be covered by the carpet.

– A bright, colourless carpet will make the room look more spacious
White carpet is known to be prone to dirty, but carpet with this colour can be one of the factors that can make the room look brighter and more spacious. Don’t like white? You can choose alternative coloured rugs such as pastel, ash, light brown, or cream. If there is a window in the room, curtains with bright colours can also be a sweet couple so the room looks more spacious.

– Make texture one of the main considerations in choosing a carpet
Busy by choosing the size and colour, sometimes many people ignore the texture of the carpet. Even though the texture will determine the overall interior appearance of the room. If you are among the people who like to follow the trend, fluffy carpet like the picture above must have been one of your targets. This texture does not only look funny to the eye but also enlivens the impression of warmness while providing a luxurious touch to the room.

– Aztec motif rug is one of the favourite designs
Aztec motifs like the picture above have indeed become one of the most favourite carpet motifs that many people crave. In addition to the design that can be considered timeless, the colour combination of this motif is also very beautiful. For those who want to liven up the masculine impression of the room, you can choose the Aztec motif in black and white. In addition to its beautiful design, this carpet is also relatively suitable to be installed in any room you know.

– This carpet with motifs from Morocco is very suitable to be installed in your family room
Moroccan motif is also one of the carpet motifs that is suitable to be installed in a small room, especially a family room with an Asian concept. Because the model is quite classic, this motif carpet is perfect when combined with a white or bright room. The most fitting room to be fitted with a Moroccan carpet is the family room.

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