Get Rid Of Mites Easily

Get Rid Of Mites Easily

Similar to fleas, mites are not easily seen with the naked eye because its size is only 0.5 mm. Mites usually nest not only on mattresses, even on sofas, curtains and carpets. In these places, mites can get food in the form of human dead skin cells or other organic material waste. The presence of mites in the house can not be left alone. This is because mites can cause bumps after waking up, itching, or triggering shortness of breath and other allergic symptoms. Mites must be eradicated. You can easily use various insecticides or other chemicals to eradicate bed mites and sofa mites. Unfortunately, there are further effects that could damage your health. You should use service to make sure the cleaning process is fast and safe.

You could also get rid of mites by yourself and the first thing is to wash all the household items that may become the hotbed. Starting from pillows, bolsters, bed sheets, blankets, carpets, to slipcover couches you can wash them clean in hot water so that the mites die. You can also add anti-bacterial detergent. So that the mites don’t return to nesting again, make sure you wash the equipment regularly. If possible, do the washing once a month. After washing, do not forget to dry everything until it is completely dry so it is not damp and musty. You need to know, mites like to live in a humid place you know!

As mentioned before, mites like damp places. To get rid of it, you can do simple things like drying items in the sun. Dry mattresses, pillows, bolsters, blankets, and carpets in direct sunlight. That way, these objects will not be used as nesting mites. Did you know that salt is not only useful for cooking but also can kill mites? You just simply dissolve the salt in water, then put it in a spray bottle. Then, spray this brine solution into the mites’ nests in the bed, sofa or carpet area. In just a few hours, the mites will come out and die.

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