Function of Dry Chemical Powder in Fire Extinguisher

Function of Dry Chemical Powder in Fire Extinguisher

What do you think about dry chemical powder? For workers in the field of fire fighting, of course, this term is familiar. Because the term is used to describe one of the tools used to extinguish a fire. Judging from the name it has, many people think that the tool uses powder or powdered ingredients. But is this true? To find out, it’s good if you refer to the explanation below: Dry Chemical Powder is a medium that contains a combination of monoammonium phosphate and ammonium sulfate. The substance is known for its function that can break the chemical reaction of the fire triangle. Thus, the fire can be extinguished more easily. Its use is usually used to extinguish fires with Class A, B and C fire risks (solid, liquid, and gas). You need to get fire extinguisher inspection service.

As a fire extinguisher, dry chemical powder is a component of a tool that has a lower melting point and its presence is known as a texture in the form of solid particles. Thus, the powder media it has can block the entry of oxygen to the hotspots or existing fire areas.
Advantages of Fire Extinguisher with Dry Chemical Powder

Versatile, can be used for Every Fire Class (A, B, and C).
Does Not Conduct Electric Current (Non-Conductive).
Dry Chemical Non Toxic (Non Toxic).
It can withstand heat radiation with its particle powder and cool it down
Can be used outdoors or indoors.
Easy to operate and use with the P.A.S.S Method

However, it is not only known for its advantages, this fire extinguisher is also known for its disadvantages. This can be seen through the presence of media that has undergone changes, such as starting to clot. Not only that, the use of this tool can also contaminate any burned area and begin to be extinguished by it. This is clearly different from the use of Co2 and HFC which are known as clean agents, because their use is considered a fairly clean medium. In other words, the use of the media as a fire extinguisher does not leave a physically visible mark.

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