FRP Lining Specifications and Main Functions

FRP Lining Specifications and Main Functions

Surely not many people know what FRP lining is. The specifications of FRP lining and then its main function for the layman is certainly very foreign to the ear. The explanation of the term is a special coating made of fiberglass. Surely you’ve come across items made of it, right? For materials made of iron, it is susceptible to rust and is also easily destroyed if there is the slightest damage. Therefore, it is necessary to coat it with materials that can strengthen it. Then what items are usually coated to resist rust? What is often encountered are pipes and concrete tubs. Usually, these are found in buildings or industries. You can visit Industrial coatings company usa to get it.

For those of you who want to do fiberglass lining, maybe you need to know about the specifications of FRP lining in detail first. This can later help you in finding the right and quality fiberglass lining. There are many specialized FRP lining contractor services that you can find today. So if you are not careful, it could be that their performance is not satisfactory. Your concrete pipe or tub will still rust or be easily damaged if the coating is not thick enough. Especially for fiberglass lining the best and recommended is to have a thickness of about 2-5 mm. Here are some items that must be coated with FRP lining.

Specifications of FRP Lining for Concrete Body
The first object that must be coated with a material that uses CSmatt 450 fiberglass is a concrete tub. Concrete tubs themselves are widely used in industrial activities and usually use tubs made of iron. Of course, this is very prone to rust because the main enemy of iron is rust. In order to keep the concrete tub durable, look for FRP lining specifications that are specifically for coating the concrete tub.

Specifications of FRP Lining for Iron Pipe
Objects that can be coated with other fiberglass fiber materials are iron pipes. In the mining industry or the food industry, iron pipes are often found. Its functions also vary, some are used to drain liquid food, drain water, and so on. Therefore, iron pipes must always be hygienic, especially if they are used for the food industry. So in order to avoid rust that can harm the quality of food, it can be coated with FRP lining.

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