From Murals to Motors: Unveiling Real-World Magic with Mimaki SS21 Inks

From Murals to Motors: Unveiling Real-World Magic with Mimaki SS21 Inks

Hold onto your printing hats, folks, because we’re diving deep into the vibrant universe of Mimaki SS21 inks! We’ve all heard the specs, seen the color charts, and maybe even witnessed a demo or two. But what really brings the magic of SS21 inks to life? You guessed it: real-world applications. Let’s journey through some awe-inspiring success stories that have taken the world by storm, all thanks to these fabulous inks.

Vrooming in Color: First stop, a local car wrap shop in downtown New York. Now, cars and vibrant colors have always been best buddies, but this shop took it up a notch. Using SS21 inks, they transformed a basic sedan into a canvas of galactic wonder. The blues shimmered, the purples dazzled, and a once-ordinary car became a head-turning masterpiece cruising down 5th Avenue.

Mural Majesty: Over in San Francisco, a community group aimed to brighten up their local playground. Armed with a vision and SS21 inks, they collaborated with a digital artist. The result? A giant mural teeming with life, from majestic whales to soaring birds. The colors, thanks to the wide gamut of SS21, seemed to leap off the wall, making the playground the town’s favorite spot!

Fashion Forward: Milan, the heart of fashion, witnessed a groundbreaking fashion show last spring. A young designer, inspired by SS21’s potential, digitally printed her entire collection. Floral motifs, abstract patterns, and even landscapes cascaded down the runway. The inks ensured longevity and vibrancy, making each outfit not just fashion, but wearable art.

Rocking the Stage: And who could forget that iconic concert in London where the stage was adorned with massive banners printed using SS21 inks? The band’s logo, surrounded by psychedelic patterns, became a visual treat for the audience. Rain or shine, the colors remained unfazed, proving the outdoor durability of these inks.

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