Follow These Steps to Remove Stains from Oak Doors

Follow These Steps to Remove Stains from Oak Doors

You just need to set up an hour or two, depending on how many doors you need to clean, to remove stains from oak internal doors and keep them looking spotless. This procedure is very straightforward to use and works well on both varnished and unpainted oak doors. Simply follow these basic steps:

1. To eliminate dust and the majority of light stains from the wood, wipe down the door with one of your clean, dry clothes. Instead of wiping across the wood’s natural grain, be sure to follow it. Also, make sure the cloth is entirely dry and free of any oils or waxes.

2. Put your gloves on and soak the cloth in some fresh, warm water before wringing it dry to get rid of any extra moisture. To remove any stains, use the same cleaning technique as in the first step and lightly buff the surface.

3. Get the washing-up liquid out if there are any remaining tough stains. To avoid damaging your door, only a tiny dab of this should be added to your warm water. Although it is optional, you can also combine a dash of olive oil and a dab of white vinegar.

4. Dip your dish sponge into the mixture, then squeeze out part of the excess liquid. On the surface of your oak door, squeeze a little amount and wipe it across while still following the wood’s natural grain. Make sure to remove any remaining wetness as soon as possible with a clean, dry cloth.

5. Use your paintbrush to wipe the area around your door’s trim, handle, and any innate fissures or openings in the wood’s surface. This clears out any final traces of dust and filth from those difficult-to-reach areas. Then, clean your door handle and get rid of any dust and fingerprints using a fresh, dry towel.

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