Flag Poles 101: Sectional vs. Telescoping

Flag Poles 101: Sectional vs. Telescoping

Atlantic Flagpole are an excellent method to display your nationalism and passion for it. Yet, choosing the finest flag pole for your needs might take time, given the variety of flag poles on the market. A segmented and telescopic flag pole are two common choices. Let’s examine these two sorts of flag poles’ distinctions in more detail.

Sectional Flag Poles

Several parts that join together to form the pole’s overall height make up sectional flagpoles. Typically, these poles are composed of stainless steel, fiberglass, or aluminum. They come in various measurements and diameters to fit any flag size.

Sectional flag poles have the benefit of being adaptable to your needs. To change the pole’s height, add or remove parts. With a bit of knowledge, you can install them yourself because they are relatively simple to do so.

However, telescoping flag poles can be more complex than maintaining sectional flag poles. With time, the joints connecting the parts may become loose and need to be tightened. Moreover, cleaning them might be more complex, and a ladder is required to reach the highest portions.

Telescopic Flag Poles

Like a telescope, telescoping flagpoles comprise sections that slide into one another. These poles are generally available in various heights and diameters to match any flag size and are made of lightweight materials like aluminum or fiberglass.

Telescoping flag poles have the benefit of being simple to install and requiring no specialized tools or equipment. Because fewer joints loosen and tighten, they are also simple to maintain. Also, they are simpler to clean because you may retract the portions to access the entire pole.

Telescoping flag poles, however, can cost more than sectional flag poles. Also, because the sections’ lengths are predetermined, they can be more challenging to alter. Therefore, a replacement pole must be bought for a different height.

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