Faster Push Rank to Mythic If Solo or Party? This is the Secret!

Faster Push Rank to Mythic If Solo or Party? This is the Secret!

Have trouble rising to Mythic or Mythical Glory rank in Mobile Legends (ML)? Want to know what formula can help you achieve that target? The tips that we will provide are not far from considering whether you should play Solo, Duo, Trio, Party 4, or Full Party to push rank to Mythic. However, each option has its pros and cons which we will describe in detail. So you can reflect on your situation and choose what formula is the most suitable so that you can quickly go to Mythic. You can choose achat compte lol to get a lot of benefits when playing push rank.

Playing Solo is a very high gamble. Because you have to bet that your 4 players can play well.

Has 1 hero power that can carry the team. Be it in Jungler, Midlaner Support, or Sideline Gold positions. Because in the Tank Roaming or Offlaner EXP position it will usually be difficult to carry the team even though they have played as well as possible. Having hero power means having a lot of matches and a high win rate for that hero, so other solo players will likely let you get that hero and role. Win-rate rank below 60%. There is a matchmaking algorithm where players with high win rates will be combined with low win rates for power balancing. Therefore, if your win rate is above 60%, you may be combined with a win rate player below 50% who may not be as good as you at playing. Not currently in a Win Streak state. Again, the algorithm from Mobile Legends will combine players with win streaks and lose streaks to achieve balance. When you are on a continuous win streak, you can be united with players who have lost streaks many times as well.

However, the three formulas above are not necessarily absolute because there are still other factors that the algorithm cannot make such as ego, behavior, and player mentality. Therefore, for those of you who want to play solo often, make sure you don’t have a high ego, behave well, and are not mentally down so that you can have a good playing experience in solo rank.

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