Facts and Myths about Our Custom Engagement Rings

Facts and Myths about Our Custom Engagement Rings

There are many facts and myths about engagement rings. From statements that sound plausible to those that make you think they’re true to repeated hearings. We will summarize some of the facts and myths that exist in engagement rings, such as our custom engagement rings for example.

Engagement Ring as a Healing Tool
In ancient times, many people believed that rings could cure diseases. One of them was the Irish in the 9th century. They believe that rubbing a ring on a wound will heal the wound. Maybe, right now it sounds like a myth.

Engagement Rings Must Use Diamonds
Actually, the presence of gems or diamonds on an engagement ring depends on the tastes and financial capabilities of each partner. So, no one requires the engagement ring to have diamonds or gems.

Engagement Ring Mandatory on the Ring Finger
Many people require the use of an engagement ring on the ring finger. This is related to the presence of a vein from the ring finger that goes directly to the liver called the amoris vein.

So, many people believe that wearing a ring on the left ring finger will make a lasting and harmonious relationship for life.

However, there are also people in other countries who wear their engagement rings on the right. So this can’t be considered a fact. Because a lasting relationship is based on trust and love between the two partners.

Lost Engagement Ring Is A Bad Sign
In fact, there is no concrete connection between losing a ring and breaking up a relationship. Therefore, the above statement is a myth.

We recommend that you take the positive side of the above statement by taking it as a reminder to be more careful in using and storing your engagement ring.

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