Examinations Performed By Gynecologists

Examinations Performed By Gynecologists

After all the information has been obtained, the nurse will take you into the examination room at Gynae Clinic Singapore and ask you to take off your clothes completely. You will be given a dress that has open access at the front and a sheet to cover your lap. Then, you will be asked to lie down and put your feet on the footrests (also called “stirrups”). If you experience problems or if you are sexually active, the following three tests may be performed by a doctor:

1. Basic physical examination
The doctor will do a thorough physical examination, starting from examining the neck for possible thyroid abnormalities; breast examination, which includes looking for pain, lumps, nipple fluid, and skin changes; and examine the external area of your vagina to look for unusual changes in skin color, sores, lumps or vaginal fluid. If you have specific questions, you can ask for a mirror and show the doctor each area that has your attention. Then the physical examination will continue to the pelvic examination test.

2. Pelvic examination
During a pelvic exam, the doctor will insert one or two fingers into your vagina while placing one hand on the stomach, in the pubic area, to feel the internal organs. The doctor can also use a speculum to open and hold the vaginal wall to see the cervix. If your pelvic exam includes a Pap smear (only for women 21 years and over), your doctor will collect samples of your cervical cells before removing the speculum. this sample will be used to test for cervical cancer and certain types of infections. Pap smears can be a little uncomfortable,

3. Bimanual examination
After the speculum is released, the doctor will look at the size of your uterus to check for pain when your cervix is moved, feel your ovaries and fallopian tubes from outside your body to check for abnormalities in the pelvic area. This part of the physical examination is done manually, with the doctor using a gloved finger to be lubricated and putting pressure from the other hand on your stomach. A rectal exam can also be done. This will involve the gynecologists inserting a gloved finger into your rectum to look for suspicious symptoms.

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