Engineer from BT Openreach visits

Engineer from BT Openreach visits

If you have a support case open with us and are having broadband problems, we might need to schedule a BT Openreach Special Fault Investigation (SFI2 visit). If BT has remotely inspected a broadband circuit but found no fault, they will ask for this. It must be noted, however, that it is possible that there is no BT fault, in which case the engineer visit is billed. The SFI2 procedure was created to ensure that BT continues to examine circuit faults where it is unclear where the issue rests.

To make sure you agree that all fundamental checks have been made and that you consent to any potential fees, we will send you a standard template email when we request a BT SFI engineer.

What is the job of the SFI engineer?
There are two unique options, although it depends on the fault’s specifics. One is that the BT engineer only conducts remote inspections away from the end user’s premises at the exchange. If it is thought that the local exchange is to blame, this is referred to as the Frames Direct Variant and occurs. It’s possible that you won’t speak to the engineer.

The end user visit, also referred to as the end user variant, is the other. To resolve connectivity problems, the SFI engineer can perform a number of inspections, or modules.

These tests include testing the phone line, ensuring that the equipment is connected correctly, ensuring that the internal wiring is trouble-free, and occasionally installing a faceplate that is service-specific and current. The BT engineer will always do a test from the master socket and will frequently offer advice if it appears that any further internal wiring is the root of the issue.

How soon can you put the engineer together?
This depends on how quickly we were able to complete the troubleshooting process. Typically, we are able to decide if a BT SFI engineer is necessary between 2-4 hours after the fault has been reported, and frequently we are able to guarantee that a BT engineer will be able to attend your issue within 2 working days.

The engineers are restricted to two time slots: 08:00–13:00 and 13:00–18:00. These timeslots are fixed in place. The SFI2 engineer’s allotted time for each issue is frequently 2 hours, which can occasionally be frustrating with complex failures but is rarely a reason for alarm.

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