Difference Between Digital Marketing And Traditional Marketing

Difference Between Digital Marketing And Traditional Marketing

Marketing is a very important thing for business owners to think about, especially if they have read King Kong SEO service reviews. The reason is, whether or not a business sells will depend on the marketing strategy that is carried out. Currently, the marketing strategy is divided into two, namely digital marketing and traditional marketing. Not a few of you may be wondering what is the difference between the two?

Traditional Marketing
It makes sense that the presence of digital marketing makes traditional marketing look old-fashioned. However, that doesn’t mean you can underestimate this marketing strategy. The reason is, traditional marketing is still effective if you apply it to several consumers. Starting from those who still regularly subscribe to newspapers, to those who like to spend time gathering in front of the TV. The advantages of traditional marketing:

Easy to understand
Digesting traditional marketing is easier than digital marketing, for example, a very conspicuous billboard on the side of the road will contain words that are easy to understand. Even if you just glance at it, you often already know what the billboard is trying to convey.

More Effective
The impression that consumers get will be more sticking if they see promotional material directly in real life. Consumers may even spend more time paying attention to your promotion. On the other hand, seeing something in person would also be easy to remember, right? This will be very different from promos on social media which are often only seen at a glance and are easily forgotten.

Digital Marketing
Even though traditional comes with several advantages that can give a better impression in the eyes of consumers, we still live in a modern era. Where the use of the internet is very effective to introduce your business. For a more complete understanding, here are the advantages of digital marketing.

Wider Consumer Reach
Compared to traditional marketing, digital marketing has a much wider reach of consumers. You can not only reach consumers in a few cities. Instead, you can reach consumers throughout Indonesia at the same time. Especially if indeed the promotional content that you have created gets positive comments and is shared by many people.

Promotional Effectiveness is Easy to Measure
Given that digital marketing uses advanced technology, you as a business owner can easily measure the level of effectiveness of promotions that have only been done. In other words, evaluating marketing strategies is easier and faster.

More Detailed Target Market
Did you know that digital marketing allows you to target as specific a target as possible? You can target a target market that is tailored to gender, demographics, education, and so on. This will indirectly make the marketing strategy more effective and on target.

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