Difference between Board Games, Card Games, and Tabletop Games

Difference between Board Games, Card Games, and Tabletop Games

Giving the term board game, card game and the tabletop game often makes us confused. How come this game is called a board game, the other one is called a card game, in fact, there is another who calls it a tabletop game. So that you do not get confused, we will try to explain the terms above. Before that, kindly check our bumblebee decorations on our website.

A tabletop game is a common word
Basically the tabletop game is a more general term that has a lot of special equivalents. Each special match from tabletop games can have a different shape, but the meaning remains the same, the game is played on the table. Board games, card games, miniature games, dice games to role-playing games are included in the special equivalent of tabletop games. So what distinguishes these special terms? Usually, it is because it is related to the component.

Board Game
Called a board game because usually there are components in the form of a game board (game board) in it. This board is opened in the middle of the table and usually, there is a lot of interaction either by the player or the components on the board. These boards form the playing area. The easiest examples of this board game form are Chess and Monopoly. There is a board that becomes the game area. However, the more here variations of board games are increasingly widespread.

Card Game
Do you know why Uno is called a card game? Because the components are only cards, aka games that are played using cards. There are no tokens, dice even board games. Because there are no boards, the game area is practically unlimited. The player himself creates the imagination of how wide the area of the game is, including creating an area of imagination to put the card.

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