Did You Like To Play Card Magic? This Is The Meaning Of The 4 Symbols On Playing Cards

Did You Like To Play Card Magic? This Is The Meaning Of The 4 Symbols On Playing Cards

Card magic is the performance most often performed by magicians. In addition to the many tricks on the card, it turns out that the card can also be a communication tool for the magician with the audience. There are many card games that you can see if you use the services of a gold coast magician.

If you pay attention, each playing card has 4 different card symbols. Starting from Spade, Hearts, Diamond, and Club. Have you ever asked what the four symbols or flower cards mean? If so, it looks like you should read this article to the end.

Depicts the leaves of the “Life” tree. Spades represent autumn and spring, the forces of darkness that exist within humans. In tarot divination, Spade symbolizes intelligence, action, air, and death.

Representing the warm glow of spring and summer, Hearts symbolize the center of life and the world. In tarot divination, Hearts symbolize knowledge, love, life from water, fertility, and joy.

The diamond represents the warmth of a beautiful woman’s affection. In addition, Diamond symbolizes luxury and glamorous life. In tarot divination, Heart represents worldly things, money, courage, and energy.

Also known as Trefoils, Club represents many things in autumn, solitude, dark and windy nights, and men. In tarot divination, Club is often interpreted as male, fire, energy, wealth, work, luck, and happiness. That is the meaning of the various card symbols on playing cards in tarot divination.

The meanings above do not mean reflecting yourself when playing card magic. The meaning of each shape on the card only represents each type of season and human representation (male and female). And any rules in official games that have competition also have nothing to do with the meaning of each card form. Make the meaning of each form a knowledge only and don’t let it become a debate because basically, cards are just a tool for a game.

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