Data Format and Data Quality for Preparing Datasets

Data Format and Data Quality for Preparing Datasets

Trusting your data should be your first inquiry for Synthesis AI datasets machine learning. Poor data makes it impossible for even the most advanced machine-learning algorithms to function. Data quality has been covered in depth in a different post, but in general, there are a few important considerations.

Manifestation of human error
If your data was gathered or tagged by people, examine a sample set to determine the frequency of errors.

Technical issues with data transfer
For instance, duplicate records could occur as a result of a server fault, a storage malfunction, or even a cyberattack. Analyze the impact these events had on your data.

Data values that were omitted
Estimate whether the quantity of omitted records is important. There are strategies for dealing with omitted records, which we explain below.

Sufficient data
Can you use the same data to forecast supply and demand if you now sell home appliances in the US and want to expand to Europe?

Data equilibrium
Consider using a variety of metadata attributes to filter out vendors you deem unreliable while attempting to reduce supply chain risks. The model won’t have enough samples to learn about the unreliable ones if your labeled dataset only includes 25 entries that you consider unreliable and 1000 entries that are labeled as reliable.

Formatting Data

The file format you’re employing is another name for data formatting. And converting a dataset into the file format that works best for your machine learning system is not too difficult.

We’re referring to the format, which consists solely of the records. Making sure that all variables inside a given attribute are written consistently is important if you’re combining data from several sources or your dataset has been manually updated by various persons. These could be address information, dollar amounts, date formats, etc. The entire dataset should use the same input format.

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