Dangers that Lurk while Driving Under Influence

Dangers that Lurk while Driving Under Influence

Driving under the influence of alcohol or drunkenness is one of the contributors to road accidents. Unfortunately, there are still people who have not been properly educated about the risks and dangers that lurk when they are forced to drive a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol. Though serious accidents to death to be one of the effects.

On this occasion, Criminal & DUI Lawyer Gary Rohlwing wants to provide education about driving under the influence of alcohol, starting from the risks, dangers to the legal consequences that await.

The bad effect of alcohol on the body while driving
When you consume liquor, the alcohol content will affect the body’s work, one of which is the brain and nerve centers. Simply put, alcohol will affect simple motor function, reaction time and vision. In addition, the function of balance, coordination and sensory perception is what will be disturbed because of alcohol. The above will greatly affect your skills when driving. What you need to remember is that driving requires good focus. with the influence of alcohol, it will be difficult to focus, poor reflexes to interfere with the ability to make decisions at critical times. This can result in loss of control and accidents.

Not only liquor, but some drugs also contain alcohol. So, avoid driving activities when you are required to consume drugs that contain alcohol. In addition, pay close attention to the content and the recommended dosage, so you can know when it is safe to drive after taking drugs.

The safe limit while driving is allowed
The safe limit allowed while driving is zero point to one. When the alcohol content in your body touches a number above one, then you can be exposed to legal consequences. The test itself uses a special tool.

Avoiding the consumption of drugs or alcohol is of course highly recommended to avoid the risk of accidents or dealing with the law. If it’s unavoidable, use public transportation or ask a friend to drive your car. By driving responsibly, you have saved many lives.

Coupled with the high alcohol-by-volume (ABV) levels of beverages that are drunk, they can cause “brain damage and cognitive impairment. That’s why the chance of an accident is quite high, because the skills needed when driving just disappear as a result of drinking alcohol, either a little or a lot.

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