Daily Chicken Care

Daily Chicken Care

The chicken will learn that the coop is its home and will eventually be able to enter the coop on its own every night when the time comes. This makes it easier for you to collect chickens and count them. However, if you’re still having trouble getting the chickens into the coop, you can put food in the coop. Chickens should be able to access the coop at all times during the day, but you should lock it at night. Chickens will go in and out of the coop to lay eggs, eat and drink water (if feeding and drinking utensils are in the coop) and shelter from the sun or cold air. Get more info on our website.

Collect chicken eggs every day. Chickens will lay one egg every day if you keep them happy. To get fresh eggs, you have to collect eggs every morning. If the weather is hot, you should collect eggs twice a day. Use a basket, box or some kind of container to collect the eggs. If any eggs fall, make sure you clean them up!

Clean the cage every day. It is very important to clean the chicken coop to prevent pests such as mites and disease. You should change the bedding frequently and occasionally clean the entire enclosure. You may need to clean the chicken coop more often, depending on the number of chickens you have. Do the same if the chickens are locked in the coop all the time or the chickens are not left out in the open. Put on gloves and remove all bedding, sweep the floor of the coop, spray with a water hose, clean the nesting box, wash the feeding and drinking utensils and clean the chicken perches.

You can buy a chicken tractor (chicken coop without a bottom) instead of a conventional cage because chicken tractors are easier to move around. This kind of cage is very practical if you often move your chickens to different locations.

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