Consider These 5 Points When Choosing A Home Dining Room Carpet

Consider These 5 Points When Choosing A Home Dining Room Carpet

Of course, the presence of carpets can be used as decorations to enhance your room at home. Yes, where the carpet is one of the decorations that are almost always in every home. As an element in an interior, the carpet is used as a floor mat so that the feet feel comfortable and warm. The problem is when the carpet is dirty and we have trouble cleaning it. For that, you can use Commercial tile cleaning services to do carpet maintenance.

So that the selection is right, then try to pay attention to these 5 points when choosing a carpet for the dining room at home.

1. Selection of the right size carpet
The dining room usually has a size that is not too big. So the choice of carpet size must be right. As much as possible measured first. Do not choose a smaller size carpet, because this can be annoying when moving the chair. The carpet should not cover more than 50% of the area of the dining room.

2. Adjust the shape of the dining table
In addition to determining the size, the second point to consider is adjusting the shape of the dining table. Do not let the carpet makes the room become narrow and seem unbalanced.

The method is quite easy. For example, the dining table in your house is rectangular, then you should choose a carpet with a rectangular shape. Likewise the shape of the other dining table.

3. Adjust the theme of the room
One thing that is no less important in choosing a carpet for the dining room is to adjust the theme of the room. Do not let the presence of the carpet would make the room become strange and look cramped.

If the furniture in the dining room looks bright, choose a calm and plain colored carpet so the room seems more neutral. With the selection of colors and patterns of the carpet in harmony with the theme of the room, it will make the room comfortable to see.

4. Choose a rather dark carpet color
Now on the market many choices of carpets with a variety of colors and patterns. After getting the size and theme that matches the dining room at home, the next step is to choose a color.

In this room food or drinks often spill onto the floor. Surely you don’t want the carpet to get dirty quickly right?

Then you should choose a rather dark carpet color like brown or dark red. In addition to avoiding carpets looking dirty, dark colors also make the dining room feel cozy and warm.

5. Choose carpet material that is easy to clean
The use of carpet is not only done in a large room, but you can also put a carpet in the dining room. But this point you should also pay attention to is choosing carpet material that is easy to clean.

We recommend that you do not install rugs that are easily soiled in high activity areas. The reason is the risk of carpet stains is greater because the carpet is in the dining room.

So choose a carpet that is the easiest material to clean like a synthetic carpet.
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