Cockroach-Free House

Cockroach-Free House

Seeing animals that are small, brown in color, move swiftly, and have long antennae, may make some of you shudder in fear. Yes, just reading the characteristics might already be able to picture in your brain if the animal is called a cockroach. Their presence is often unexpected because cockroaches can pose a danger to human health. You can get help from virginia cleaning company.

So far, cockroaches are always considered to cause various negative effects, such as contaminating food, causing poisoning, and carrying disease. According to the American Lung Association page, cockroaches can produce allergens, aka allergy triggers. These allergens don’t last long in the air, but they can stick to house dust or fabrics, such as pillows, mattresses, and sofas.

Don’t worry, here are some ways you can try to get rid of cockroaches so they don’t pollute the house.

1. Find out the areas frequented by cockroaches
Before immediately applying how to get rid of cockroaches, it would be nice to first identify which areas are often passed by cockroaches in the house. Do this using a flashlight, until you find out where the cockroach is coming from and where it is hiding. Includes areas behind the refrigerator, crevices or behind cabinets, door corners, under the kitchen sink, and bathroom.

2. Clean up leftovers that have not been eaten
If you’ve been accustomed to piling food waste in the kitchen for a few days and then throwing it away, now try to stop the habit. Like humans, animals also need food in order to survive. That’s why cockroaches will look for food debris, especially those that are not disposed of properly. First of all, start how to get rid of cockroaches by storing clean food first in a closed place. You can store dry food in the cupboard as well as freshly cooked food in the refrigerator or on the dining table covered with a serving hood.

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