Clean Up All Your Stains In One Swoop With Drying Wet Carpet Service

Clean Up All Your Stains In One Swoop With Drying Wet Carpet Service

Anyone who has a Carpet Cleaning Sydney in their home knows that it needs to be cleaned at least a couple of times a year, depending on how much traffic the carpet gets and whether there are pets in the house. and which one is better? Benefits of dry cleaning carpets. Dry carpet cleaning has many advantages over wet carpet cleaning systems. It’s almost dry, but it contains a little bit of moisture that dries in minutes. At the end of the cleaning process, the spongy cleaning material is sucked up. Dry cleaning doesn’t use harsh chemicals like wet cleaning, which is why many consider it a healthier option for keeping carpets clean.

Another important benefit is that drying wet carpet leaves no soapy residue on the fibers because no soap is used. Proponents of dry carpet cleaning say that the soapy residue left behind by wet cleaning actually attracts more dirt to the fibers, which is why the carpet gets dirty so quickly after this type of cleaning.Other advantages of the dry process. The dry method of carpet cleaning does not remove the carpet’s stain-resistant surface like wet methods do. The carpet is not designed to withstand the extreme temperatures of steam cleaning, which can reach 200 degrees.

Hot water and steam are necessary for wet cleaning, but they also ruin the carpet’s pile and cause it to flatten and age very quickly. If neither water nor steam is used, the drying wet carpet filling has no chance of getting wet. and this eliminates the possibility of mold growing under the carpet. With all the advantages of dry cleaning, this method is by far the better of the two types of cleaning.

Effective drying wet carpet methods in the past included breaking stains down with hot water or steam and then sucking the particles back out with the excess liquid. With these methods, though, the homeowner was left to deal with wet carpets for several days. This meant not being able to walk on carpets and being at risk for mildew, especially if it wasn’t cool in your house. Even with these drawbacks, these have been the carpet cleaning methods of choice for many years.
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