Choosing the Type of Wood For Your Guitar

Choosing the Type of Wood For Your Guitar

A guitarist, in addition to smart to play the guitar string, is also required to know about the Electric guitar kit and also wood used to make the guitar because each different type of wood certainly has a different effect on comfort and of course the sound produced. Good guitar wood materials are usually less attractive, dull or opaque so that some guitar manufacturers do the coating by using a thin layer of wood that has a good pattern or motif, this technique is called laminated technique.

For those of you who are beginners, of course, it is very obligatory to know what kind of wood is used to make a guitar and which parts of the guitar should use the wood. Below is a little information about the knowledge of wood materials that are usually used to make guitars.

The following are some types of wood that are commonly used as material for making electric guitars and the characteristics they commonly produce.

This type of wood has a character that is not much different from alder wood with a lightweight and produces a warm sound. Some of these wood types lack a level of solidity that is good enough so you need to treat this guitar made from basswood with care so that it is not easily deformed if it is bumped or whatever.

Poplar wood has a lightweight with a pattern or pattern that is soft and has a much lighter color than alder wood. It has the same character as the previous wood species and guitar products that use this type of wood are usually finished by painting.

Maple wood is a type of wood that is widely used as material to make imported guitars because it is easier to get it there. It has a good level of violence and has a slightly heavyweight but has a wood texture that is so beautiful. Able to produce a thicker sound and a more varied attack. Because of this beautiful pattern maple wood is often used to be used as material to make a guitar neck or guitar fingerboard/fret.

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