Choosing the Right Mug for Gifts

Choosing the Right Mug for Gifts

Can not be denied, porcelain and ceramic materials are popular as a material for mugs. Now, to make it more interesting, it never hurts to choose various patterns/motifs or even make your own designs. Moreover, along with the development of screen printing techniques from, the types of designs that are provided can vary; includes “embossed images”, “lit images”, and so forth.

Customize the mug design to your needs. On the other hand, also make sure the shape is really slick and avoid defects. As for information, you can choose a mug that is flat and has a straight down shape. However, good mugs tend to look “round” from above; not oval, especially elliptical. In addition, also look for mugs that do not have a hole on the side.

Make sure the Mugs are Neat and Elegant
This method is very suitable, especially if you want to order mugs for souvenirs or mementos. The benchmarks are the flat, neat and elegant surface of the mug. If necessary, do not hesitate to issue an excess budget. After all, you don’t want the recipient to feel disappointed, do you?

While choosing a neat mug is obligatory for the souvenir giver; for those of you who need a mug only for daily activities – it is advisable to choose a mug that suits your daily needs. For example, the need to drink coffee in a car; or just sipping tea behind an office desk.

It is recommended to pay attention to the mug glass seal. Many people call it a “cover”, which prevents the liquid in the mug from the risk of spilling. Unfortunately, seals that are too tight will also affect the slow process of liquid cooling; so you are also prone to injury / “overheating” when sipping it.

The majority of mugs measuring less than 12 ounces (354, 8 ml); but some are also produced in larger sizes – reaching 20 ounces (591.4 ml). Usually, this form is created to facilitate requests for coffee/tea in large quantities.

Buy it according to budget
Indeed, in many cases low-priced mugs tend to be of poor quality. However, buying a mug with expensive prices also does not guarantee good quality. Therefore, whatever price you choose, it’s good to keep weighing the quality.

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