Choosing a Wifi Booster Based on the Type

Choosing a Wifi Booster Based on the Type

Based on its shape, there are two types of Wi-Fi boosters, namely the plug-in type and the stationary type. The shape of this wifi booster uk is affected by the installation location in your home. Therefore, please imagine where you will put the Wi-Fi booster. In addition, you also need to choose a form of booster that suits the conditions of your home.

Plug-in type, more practical and neat without cables
Plug-in type Wi-Fi booster is the type that connects directly to a wall outlet. This type does not take up too much space because it does not use cables. The advantage is that you can place the Wi-Fi booster neatly even in a narrow room, such as in corridors or stairs. As long as there is a power outlet, a Wi-Fi booster can be installed directly. However, also pay attention to the size of the Wi-Fi booster you want to choose. If the Wi-Fi booster is too large, it will likely interfere with other power outlets. Also, know the location of the outlet that you want to use to install the Wi-Fi booster. Make sure there is a power outlet to install the Wi-Fi booster and reach the area you want.

Stationary type, placing the Wi-Fi router anywhere is not a problem
You can freely put a stationary type Wi-Fi booster anywhere. You can put the Wi-Fi booster on the table or on the cupboard. This is because the stationary type uses a cable so that it is not fixed to the location of the socket. It is recommended that this stationary type of Wi-Fi booster should keep the outlet in your house hidden enough. Unfortunately, because it uses a cable as a power connector, the cable attached to the Wi-Fi booster will look conspicuous. The wires will remain visible even if you try to hide them. Even though it looks less tidy, you can consider this type if you are eyeing a booster that can be placed anywhere.

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