Cause The AC Is Not Cold Aire Acondicionado Tijuana

Cause The AC Is Not Cold Aire Acondicionado Tijuana

Maybe you have felt the AC in your room feels less cold, but at that time you need AC. The air conditioner is not cold enough due to various factors. One of them is because the AC is not maintained, causing AC performance is lacking. Use the keystone portable air conditioner services to perform maintenance and repair of air conditioners for your more comfortable home.

To find out what causes less cold air conditioning, consider the following explanation.

1 Unstable electricity

One of the causes of less cold air conditioning is electricity in your home that is less stable. AC is an electronic product that requires a large enough electricity supply compared to other electronic products. Therefore, if the voltage is not stable it can affect the performance of the AC, causing the AC to be less cold. If this happens, you don’t need to worry because the air conditioner will work normally by itself.
2 Freon

Another cause of the lack of cold air conditioning is freon that runs out. Freon is a gas that can release cold air in the air conditioner. If freon is less then what happens is the air gusts in your air conditioner will be less cold. You should replace your freon after 2-3 months so that your air conditioner exhales cool, cool air. If freon is the problem, you can call an AC service to replace your freon. To facilitate you in replacing freon, use the aire acondicionado tijuana service.

3 Dirty air conditioners

Dirty AC can also be a cause of less cold air conditioner. To avoid this you should clean the air conditioner regularly so that the air conditioner can release cold air. Check the components of the air filter and the inside of the air conditioner, this part is usually dirty with dust so that the air is blowing less cold.

The points above are some of the factors that cause the air conditioner to be less cold. If the air conditioner is not cold at home, you should check the components on the AC to find the problem. And for maintenance and repairs, contact the aire acondicionado tijuana service to get the comfort of your home.

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