Beware Of The Danger Of Electric Shock During Floods

Beware Of The Danger Of Electric Shock During Floods

As we all know, electric equipment that is submerged in water can be a source of danger. Even after flooding when the water has receded, this danger still comes with the risk of electric shock due to exposure to electrical or electronic equipment that has been damaged by water immersion first call restoration crew. If there is significant damage to the house, we should use the services of Sydney’s water damage restoration to help us clean the house.

The possibility of the danger of electric shock is often overlooked specifically during and after a flood. Something that is very natural if we are too focused on willingness and material loss due to floods, it often diverts and lowers our vigilance.

6 Safe Steps When Houses Are Flooded
When your home or neighborhood is flooded, remember these 6 things:

• Avoid the urge to enter puddles without a clear purpose, accompanied by adequate safety observations. Even when the electricity in a friend’s house is dead, the existence of a long-distance source of electricity, for example, a portable electricity generator, can cause a friend to be electrocuted if there is a part of the electricity source that is submerged in water.

• Never step into a room submerged in water where there are sockets, electrical devices, or cables that are submerged in water.

• Never turn off a circuit breaker if you have to do it by standing in a puddle.

• Never turn on electrical/electronic equipment or touch the power cord or switch if your hand or body part is wet or standing in a puddle.

• Place your electronic equipment at least 5-10 meters away from a wet surface.

• Equipment that has been submerged in water may need repair. Make sure all Friends ensure it with those who are experts in their fields.

Avoid Electrical Hazards When Outdoors
• Try not to get wet let alone hit the flood if not Because of emergency conditions that threaten safety. Surface water can be an electrical conductor that we do not know where it came from.
• Stay away if there is electricity transmission equipment, both poles or cables that fall and fall to the ground.
• Do not try to save others who are trapped in the rubble of the electricity transmission network, Do not use equipment in any form, sticks, wood or metal.

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