Benefits of Playing Games for Children

Benefits of Playing Games for Children

Until now, games are often identified with something that is not good for children and should be avoided. This assumption is not entirely wrong. In fact, many children often lose track of time, become lazy to study, and are reluctant to engage in physical activity outdoors after they get to know the game. However, games are not always bad for children as long as the selection is right and enjoyed in moderation. Visit our website and get teen patti game online.

1. Improve reading skills
Studies show that children who play games are likely to get a slight boost to their reading skills. This even applies to children who have difficulty reading or enjoy playing action games. When playing games, children need to know the text instructions so that they can play smoothly. From there, children will be trained to improve their reading skills in a way that may be more enjoyable for them.

2. Improve visual-spatial skills
There are many games, one of which is Minecraft, which is designed in the form of a 3D virtual world and requires children to navigate it without being led by a GPS map application or smartphone. If children like to play this kind of game, they will have a great opportunity to practice their spatial-visual skills. As a result, children will have a better understanding of distance and space.

3. Practice problem solving skills
At the heart of every game is a challenge. Even though there are games that look meaningless, there are still games that have a variety of positive benefits such as games with the theme of puzzles, mysteries, and managing a virtual city or kingdom. The reason is, these games will offer children the opportunity to face problems as well as work with the aim of finding solutions. Several studies have shown that children who play puzzle, mystery, and managing virtual cities or empires tend to thrive in areas of planning, organization, and flexible thinking. Even so, there is no evidence that states whether brain training games can really improve children’s problem solving skills in the real world or not.

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