Beginner Actors Can Do These Tricks To Control Their Emotion On Stage

Beginner Actors Can Do These Tricks To Control Their Emotion On Stage

What happens when an actor starts to get angry, cry, sad, disappointed (because of his role), and cannot control his own feelings? The answer is, his voice that was round and powerful will feel less and weak. Then, all responses, responses, and movements will be excessive. Even worse, things that generate emotional instability will be present in his head. Whether it’s stress, depression, deep sadness, severe problems, an unsupportive environment, bad memories, and so on will slowly appear and damage the dramatic flow of the game. The result is quite fatal, the game is broken, everything that has been prepared carefully when rehearsal, can be dispersed on the day of the show. Therefore, there are several things an actor can consider in order to maintain his emotional stability, when on stage. On the other hand, if you also want to improve your confidence on stage, we suggest you search for one-act plays scripts.

Here are some tricks that you can do:

Meditate for Body Relaxation

You can do this the night before the performance day. You can do it before going to bed and make sure you get enough sleep too. Meditation is needed for bodily relaxation, so when performing all your personal problems can be forgotten for a moment.

Not only that, but meditation also makes your psychic stronger to maintain emotional stability.

Drink Warm Milk

This is not a myth, but drinking warm milk before going to sleep, the day before the stage will help your body get better prepared. Milk also provides energy so that when performing, you can be at the peak of your ability.

If There Are Severe Problems, Talk to Your Psychiatrist or People Nearby

Don’t bring your personal problems to the stage. That can cause when you are emotionally at a high level, all the things that have been a burden and haunt you will come back. It would be very good if sometime before the performance you can see a psychiatrist solve your problem first.

Or, there are also those who have problems and can be overcome if telling stories with others who are considered wiser. Maybe a director, coach, or more senior actor can be a good story companion to let go of all your troubling feelings.

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