Be careful! These Are The Danger Of Using A Headset

Be careful! These Are The Danger Of Using A Headset

So much fun listening to music, you often forget about the dangers of using a headset. You may already be sure that the headset you are using is completely healthy and safe for the ears. Moreover, you use headphones that dont leak sound quite often. Unfortunately, as good, as good, and as safe as any quality guaranteed by the manufacturer of the headset you buy, until now there has been no single headset that can guarantee you are free from ear disease.

Do you know what are the dangers behind using a headset?
Continuous and long-term exposure to loud music can make hair cells lose their sensitivity to vibrations. The hair cells may recover, but they may not.
Although it can recover, the ear may no longer function normally, causing permanent hearing loss or deafness. This condition is almost impossible to recover.
That’s why you need to know about the dangers of headsets for the health of your ears and hearing.

Here are the various dangers that may lurk you when wearing a headset.

1. NIHL (noise-induced hearing loss)
The danger of NIHL (noise-induced hearing loss) or deafness due to noise can occur not only because the volume of the sound in your headset is too loud, but also how long or often you use it.

Research published by Noise & Health found that 10% of the 280 teens studied had the habit of listening to music through a headset for a long time, even while sleeping.
This habit makes a person more at risk of developing NIHL later in life.

2. Tinnitus
Damaged cochlear hair cells can cause a ringing, buzzing, or roaring sound in your ears or head. This condition is known as tinnitus.
The results of a study published in Noise & Health showed that adolescents who listened to music for more than 3 hours using a headset experienced tinnitus more often.

3. Hyperacusis
The Columbia Asia Hospital India website states that 50% of people suffering from tinnitus tend to develop a high sensitivity to sound in a normal environment. This condition is known as hyperacusis.

4. Hearing loss
As already mentioned, using a headset to listen to music loudly and for a long time can make hair cells more sensitive. This can cause temporary or permanent hearing loss.

5. Ear infection
Another danger that can be caused by wearing a headset is ear infections. This is because a headset placed directly into the ear canal blocks airflow. In addition to ear infections, wearing a headset can also increase the growth of bacteria. These terms may be left in the headset and will infect the user. The risk is exacerbated when you lend your headset to someone else.

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