Advantages Of Carpet

Advantages Of Carpet

To beautify the interior, the floor has an important role in making the room look beautiful. Choosing a suitable floor is a wise way before making a building. There are many choices for flooring materials that have advantages and disadvantages of each material, among these options are ceramic, marble, terrazzo, wood, vinyl, and carpet. Many people are hesitant to use carpet because they need professional carpet care specialists. But there are several advantages to using carpets:

– Carpet installation is easier and faster.
– The flexible size of the carpet follows the shape of the room.
– Carpets have many choices of motifs that can be adapted to the room.
– Carpet floors provide warmth and softness to the feet even in a cold room.
– Carpets can reduce sound and vibration when people walk on the carpet.
– Carpets have a large price variant, so they can be adjusted to the user’s budget.

Some of the problems that cause damage to the carpet are as follows:

1. Stains from bleach. Some household needs that contain chemicals such as detergents, deodorizers, and cleaning products contain bleaching agents which when exposed to carpets/rugs can cause discoloration on the carpets such as stains ranging from white to yellow, pink, and discoloration. Usually, the color damage caused by this bleach is permanent although using super-sophisticated equipment can not restore the color.

2. Shrinkage. All types of carpets tend to shrink when exposed to water. This shrinkage occurs due to the long drying process of the carpet which causes the bottom of the carpet to become closer together. This shrinkage if left for a long time becomes permanent, therefore, if there are signs of shrinkage, it can be withdrawn according to the previous size and then locked using nails on the side of the carpet.

3. Cigarette /Iron. Most carpets are damaged by cigarette fires falling on the surface of the carpet which causes the traces of the fire to become permanent damage, namely sticky black holes. Irons are also often the cause of carpet damage due to hot elements from the iron falling onto the carpet surface. The use of an ironing board or ironing board can prevent this from happening.

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