5 Ways To Stop Spam Emails Attacking Your Emails

5 Ways To Stop Spam Emails Attacking Your Emails

Spam e-mails are incoming e-mails that are not desired by e-mail users. Maybe we have directly or indirectly interacted with the sender of spam emails, causing our emails to be stored by them. Email sent can vary from advertisements, sweepstakes, fake information, phishing, fraud, and so forth free email verification tool. This will greatly disrupt our business. If you need all services such as spam email, email verification service or other things you can contact us who are ready to help you.

Email Spam like this aims to get our data, accounts, credit cards or embed malicious malware on our hosting to mine bitcoin / electronic money that can drain our email hosting resources.

Now how do we overcome the problem of spam email? Try to see the following tips

1. Train Filters to Recognize Spam
Yes, this method is the first way that can be done for our emails to distinguish where spam e-mail is legit. The method might be a little different for reporting spam emails, depending on the email application that we use. For example, if you use the business email from the EBiz Mail package.
You also need to train your e-mail application for spam email error marking. Once a day, check your spam folder to find messages that might not be spam. When you find it, select it and indicate that it is a mistake.

2. Just ignore it, SPAM Email.
The second way is that we have to spam emails. Yes, whatever the email title. If it’s already opened and then realizes that it’s spam (don’t panic), close the email immediately. Don’t click on links or buttons, or download any files, from emails that are suspected to be spam.

If you open a spam email because the sender of the email seems to be from a friend or colleague, contact them immediately and tell them that their account has been hijacked by an irresponsible person.

3. Hide the Email Address
Most people who have a business email address are more at risk of getting spam emails. So keep your email confidentiality.

Never publish on the web unless you have to do it. And if you have to do it, use a different email.

4. Change the Email Address
Changing an email address will be the easiest way to avoid spam. And this is a way that must be paid for with hard work. We must notify the new email address to all contacts.

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