5 Important Causes of Your Computer’s RAM Becoming Full Quickly

5 Important Causes of Your Computer’s RAM Becoming Full Quickly

There are many causes of RAM on a PC being full, one of which is insufficient RAM capacity. However, if the existing RAM is large and the applications you use are normal, it’s not just a disk clean-up, but you need to find out the culprit that causes the RAM memory on your computer to fill up quickly. Here are some causes of fast RAM full for your reference.

1. Antivirus Program is Too Heavy
We recommend that you use an antivirus that also provides anti-malware services. This will save your computer’s memory space. Also, pay attention to the memory capacity you have.

2. Update the Operating System (Windows)
We recommend that you update the operating system you are using every time the latest update from the vendor appears. Updating windows often solves various problems including fast memory filling.

3. Update Drivers
If the driver experiences problems such as crashes with the operating system, it can cause high CPU and RAM usage. As a result, the RAM capacity becomes full quickly because its use is sucked in by the driver that crashed. Then update the driver, so that it is compatible with the computer operating system you are using.

4. Too many Plugins in Browser
Whether you use it or not, the plugin will run immediately when your browser is activated. As a result, RAM usage will increase. For that, you should limit the use of plugins in the browser so that the RAM is not full quickly.

5. Programs running in the background
The more programs running, the more memory capacity is used. Often the virus is also running in the background. You can check what programs are running in the background and stop them if you think they are not important. This will increase the free space in the memory.

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