3 Ways to Fix msvcp140.dll is missing on Windows

3 Ways to Fix msvcp140.dll is missing on Windows

When trying to open an application, has it ever failed to display the message “msvcp140.dll is missing”? If so, then there is certainly a problem in the form of missing the file from the Visual C++ application on your laptop or computer. In this article, you will be told how to solve the msvcp140.dll missing problem that you can try.

1. Inserting the msvcp140.dll File Manually
The first thing to do necessarily is the msvcp140.dll file itself. Then you just need to combine the file with various files from other Visual C++ applications.

– Download the msvcp140.dll file over the internet. You don’t have to worry because many websites now offer the msvcp140.dll file for free.

– Then you just need to put it in the C:>Windows>System32 directory, for 32-bit Windows users. As for 64-bit Windows users, it can be placed in the C:>Windows>SysWOW64 directory.

– You can try restarting the laptop or computer you are using and try opening the problematic app again.

2. Reinstalling Microsoft Visual C++
It’s possible that the msvcp140.dll file on your laptop or PC is lost due to a virus or malware. Here’s how to reinstall Microsoft Visual C++ properly.

– You need to open the Control Panel first and delete or uninstall the Microsoft Visual C++ application that is already installed.

– You can download Microsoft Visual C++ on the internet, and don’t forget to use Microsoft Visual C++ according to your version of Windows.

– You just need to install the downloaded Microsoft Visual C++ and make sure all the files in it are installed, especially msvcp140.dll.

3. Third-Party Tool
The last easy way without many steps to do is to download a third-party application, such as Msvcp140.dll Missing Fixer which you can download here.

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