3 Tips for using an SMS bulk service

3 Tips for using an SMS bulk service

If your company or organization is planning to use SMS Bulk service to maintain your customer or member, then there should be preparations before you use the reliable 10minute phone number.

1. Prepare the necessary documents first

Party SMS broadcast vendors usually require documents from your company for the management to the operator. These documents will be used as a benchmark assessment by the operator whether your company is eligible to use sender ID service or not.

The documents that you must submit are usually NPWP, SIUP, statement letter, membership form, and so on. This is necessary to reduce the possibility of SMS sender ID being provided used for spamming purposes.

Ask your vendor for documents to prepare.

2. Prepare a list of database members/customers who want to send SMS Blast

Often a new company begins to tidy up its customer database after their DEAL with their broadcast SMS vendor. This is certainly less efficient in terms of time.

In order for broadcast SMS to be sent quickly, this customer database should be ready before the application can run. So when you have access to send broadcast SMS, you just need to upload the customer database file into the SMS application.

Ask your vendor beforehand how the format of the database can be uploaded into the application.

3. Read in advance the applicable provisions

It’s worth setting aside a few minutes to read the provisions (TOS) first. There are some important things to know regarding SMS broadcast delivery service.

Some of them are:
– Maximum sender ID is 11 characters
– Certain days and hours when sending ID sending to the telecommunication company is not allowed
– Service specifications from each vendor, such as the maximum number of characters, which carriers can send sender ID, service deadlines, and so on.

Make sure you get this Terms of Service from your blast SMS vendor.

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