2 Types Of Modern Carpets That Can Make The Room Comfortable And Attractive

2 Types Of Modern Carpets That Can Make The Room Comfortable And Attractive

Now the carpet has a variety of shapes, materials, and prices. This will increasingly benefit you in choosing what type of material and motif that suits your space needs when you decide to install carpet at home. The high interest and demand of consumers for carpets make the carpet floor shop spread everywhere. Both the offline carpet shop can be visited directly and check the quality of the materials used or the online carpet shop that uses shipping services even across cities and countries. For cleanliness, you can use a simple tool such as a broom or vacuum, but for more perfect care, you can use the services of http://ultrabritecarpettilecleaning.com.


1. Loop Pile
In the first place, you might consider loop pile floor rugs for some rooms in your house. This carpet is made of nylon, wool, polypropylene or a combination of the three materials. For those of you who have a calming taste, simple but still show the elegant and classy side, then the loop pile can be the right choice to meet your needs. One of the advantages of this loop pile type carpet is that it easily hides footprints. So it does not damage the aesthetic element of the room even though people repeatedly pass through it.

For that type of loop pile carpet suitable usually placed in a room that has a high traffic intensity such as the family room and lounge used by almost everyone and every day. But this type of carpet has one drawback. If you are a cat or dog lover and intend to maintain it, loop pile rugs are a type of carpet that is not friendly material for cat and dog nails. They can often get caught between the carpet feathers.

2. Viscose Carpet
To fulfill the taste of the carpet with a smooth material resembling silk, the viscose carpet is the answer. Given that silk carpets have very high prices so they are still classified as very rarely used carpets, you can use viscose type carpets as a replacement. Most carpets of this type have a single color motif to give a distinctive and elegant appearance. Due to the smooth material, sometimes some traces do not disappear directly from the viscose carpet. But you don’t need to worry. Instead of disturbing, footprints or strokes left on the viscose carpet add an elegant impression to your room. It is suitable to be applied in classic and minimalist style houses.

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